Hydraulic Fluid Spill? – Get Bio-Dry

It’s a beautiful day, the sky is sunny, temperatures warm and you are ahead of schedule.  Then it happens.  That hydraulic fluid hose breaks and spills fluid everywhere.

Suddenly, you have unhappy customers and a long road ahead of you.  Hydraulic fluids remain on asphalt for a very, very, very long time and are visual reminders of what you did.

Bio-Dry Solutions has created a new product to help you out with that.  Their Bio-Dry Special Asphalt Blend Cleaner is specifically designed to target one time spills on asphalt areas.  Used for tougher stains like hydraulic fluid, it will also work on oil, grease, and other fluids.

The Bio-dry Special Asphalt Blend Cleaner works to absorb top level fluids and then uses bio-remediation to target deeper levels to work fast.  A large number of city sanitation departments have found good results on using the Bio-Dry Special Asphalt Cleaner for leaks, breaks and spills.

Order now! Tomorrow may be the day your nightmare starts. End it quickly with the help of Bio-Dry.